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How Technology Impact Our Access To Music


Music and Technology both have evolved over the years to what we have now. I remember years back one of the means of listening to music was through “The Gramophone“. Although the Gramophone wasn’t the first edition of sound player to be invented, history told us that there were three different other sound players before the Gramophone. The “Phonautograph,” invented January 1, 1857, was the first device capable of recording sound signals. However, Mr. Leon Scott de Martinville‘s device could not reproduce sound signals. It wasn’t until exactly two years later on January 1, 1877 that Thomas Edison invented the tinfoil cylinder called the “Phongraph.” This novel invention made it the first ever device to record human voice with no further delay. One year after that, Thomas Edison upgraded by launching Edison Speaking Phonography Company to produce recording and playback machines called “The Phonograph.



On January 1, 1888,  Emile Berliner emulated Martinville’s idea into a disc music player which he called “The Gramophone”.  It became the most famous sound player and recorder to be invented since the Gramophone; which made an extraordinary impact in the world of music to the extent that it became the “Grammy Award” (originally called Gramophone Award).  To earn such an award was and is an honour awarded by The Recording Academy to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry.


In 1906 the Victrola model record player was introduced by RCA Victor. This record player had variable turntable speeds to accommodate the already wide range of records being produced at the time, and revolutionized the recording of music and its player.   As a result, the music world started evolving through the support of technology.   On January 1, 1963, Philips introduced the “Audio Cassette Tape” that became very popular, and that was the new ERA of Music and Technology.

Couple of years later, the technology world grew to a peak, and playback recording devices had heightened in demand that different inventions practically reigned the music world.  In 1979, Sony introduced the Walkman portable audio cassette player, initially called the “Soundabout.” On January 1, 1984, Sony introduced the D-50 portable CD player.  I remember back then these two inventions were the most used at that time, and still are today up to an extent.  As time progressed, newer inventions like “The Mp3 player (invented January 1, 1998).   “The Apple iPod” (invented JAN 1, 2001), and the “Apple iTouch” (invented Jan 1, 2007) are taking over the music experience, and it has impacted the music industry in a way that makes music from all around the world easily accessible right from the phone in your pocket.

We can only expect in our nearest futures that we will have a far better music experience through the help of technology.

Share with us how technology has impacted your music experience!



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